Older adults can encounter tremendous stigma around getting their emotional needs met in our society. They can become socially isolated and more depressed than most members of our community. Older adults run the risk of further health problems and mortality when they are ignored or their emotional needs are neglected.

I provide psychotherapeutic services that are thoughtful and respectful to members of the Silent Generation and Baby-boomer cohorts. I bring insights from developmental theory, analytic psychology, and geriatric clinical experience to thinking about what changes are needed in psychological interventions with older adults. I have a history of developing strong report with older adult clients such that they feel open to discuss things that they may never have shared in their lives due to shame and stigma. Elimination of such stressors can reduce functional impairments in day to day living as well as lead to greater compliance with medical treatment. And most importantly, relieving emotional stressors can lead to greater enjoyment of life.

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