Group meetings occur in a skillfully facilitated small setting of 4 to 6 members on a weekly basis. The size and frequency helps you to experience giving and receiving support. Together we co-create conditions that help you to thrive.


This group is inspired by some of the themes that come up across my individual therapy clients who are adult women, aged 25 - 45, who work in technology and related sectors. Some women express feelings of isolation and overwhelm in the workplace. They also articulate confusion around challenging situations they face in male dominated teams and workgroups. They often wonder, "Do I need to change? Or is it this place that is the problem?" This group is meant to counter that isolation and overwhelm as well as to help you answer some of the burning questions about how you show up in relationship at work.

Wednesdays 7:00pm-8:30pm (90 minutes)

October 2nd - Dec 18th (10 meetings)

Group will not meet: Oct 16th & Nov 27th

Located at 1996 Union Street, Suite 300D, San Francisco, CA 94123

One clinical intake meeting is required prior to joining the group at the rate of $180.

Weekly session cost is $110, billed in advance on monthly intervals.

This support group aims to serve women and female identified people working in technology and related sectors. Some topics we might address:

  • What is working and what is not working for me professionally?

  • What am I empowered to change?

  • What is outside my control?

  • What is the ‘story’ I am telling myself about my stuckness at work?

  • What are the unnamed challenges that women face in their work environments?

This group aims to provide a safe forum to experience giving and receiving support such that members may:

  • Find new and freeing ways of relating to others.

  • Connect with other women facing similar challenges.

  • Be able to determine if it is the environment or you that needs to change.

If you are interested in learning more contact me.